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Leenol Black Antistatic Shoes for Cleanroom Comfortable ESD S

Product Details

Upper: SPU

Outsole: SPU

Function: The sole part is made of static dissipative material, which has good anti-static performance;
the sole and upper are integrally formed, and then reinforced on the line.
The shoe body is light and soft, comfortable and breathable, and it is not easy to fatigue for long-term wear,
which can meet the requirements of standing indoors for a long time. Or walk around work requirements.


technical parameter
Sole volume resistance 10e5---10e9 Ω
Combination strength of finished shoe   upper/outsole ≥4.0N/mm
Upper tear strength ≥120N (leather) ≥60N (coated fabrics and textiles)
Folding resistance of finished shoes Fold 15000 times, no cracks