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ESD Table Mat 0.9*10m LN-1550097H01

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ESD Table Mat
ESD Rubber Mat is produced by nitrile - butadiene rubber, special prescription and produce technology with best performance of antistatic,
moderate hardness and high tensile strength, No smell and good abrasion resistance, oil resistant and elasticity.Apply for the industrial of electronic,
textile, printing and dyeing and other place with same or higher request. Antistatic table mat use high quality rubber material and part environmental

protection recycle auxiliary material, thermostability, soft and no shrinkage. It reach standard EU RoHS, environmental protection and comfortable.
Normally, it is consist of 2mm thickness, double layer compound structure.Upper layer is static dissipative layer, under layer is conductive layer.

1) It is designed to provide a static safe work surface where ESD control is required
2) Two-layer rubber table mat that is heat and chemical resistant 
3) ESD Table mat is ideal for static dissipative and flexible work surfaces

Shanghai Leenol esd table mat manufacture

Static dissipation layer Surface resistance 10e6-10e9 ohms
Friction electrostatic charge <100V
Conductive layer Surface resistance ≤10e6 ohm
Friction electrostatic charge <50V

Model LN-1550097 ESD Table mat
Model LN-1550097H01 Heat Resistance Table mat
Model LN-1550097T01 Fabric non-slip mat
Size 0.6*10m, 0.9*10m,1*10m,1.2*10m
surface  matt, glossy
thickness 1.7mm,1.8mm,2mm,3mm,5mm

Material: high quality rubber material
Color: Green
Width: 0.6m, 1m, 1.2m
Length: 10m
Thickness: 2mm
Surface treat: Dull/Shine
Heat Resistance: 300
Warranty Period: 1 year