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5mm Grid Conductive Fiber ESD Grid Fabric

Product Details

1. Product Description
(1)Product Name: 
5mm Grid Conductive Fiber ESD Grid Fabric
    Brand Name     Leenol
    Model Number     LN-10002
    Width     1.5m
    MOQ     1ROLL (about 110-130 meter)
    Color      As color card shows
    Package      Snakeskin bag
     Material        98% polyester 2% conductive fiber
    Weight     108gms
    Surface resistance     10e3-10e9ohm

(2) ESD fabric advantage: 
1. Excellent anti-static performance, permanent and washable.
2. It can eliminate the harm of static electricity to the human body, and eliminate the static electricity generated when the human body is moving or putting on and taking off.
3. It can eliminate the close-fitting and tangling of clothes caused by static electricity, not easy to get dust, dirt-resistant and easy to wash.
4. In the electronics, instrumentation and other industries, it can prevent the damage and aging of electronic components caused by static electricity; in the petrochemical industry, it can prevent the danger of combustion and explosion caused by static electricity.

Use places of anti-static fabrics:
Petrochemical, aviation, electronics, medicine, precision instruments, transportation and other industrial fields

(4) We have other colors as below color card , if you are interested in others, please let me know .


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5.  FAQ

Q1: Are you a manufacturer?
Ans:Yes, We have ISO 9000 Quality Management System.

Q2: How to pack these goods ?
Ans: We usually pack goods in carton, if big quantity, we will use pallet to pack.  

Q3: How long you could prepare goods?
Ans: Normally 15workdays after payment confirmation

Q4:How do you ship them ? 
Ans:Now , we deliver them by International Express mainly but it is also depens on qty.

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