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LN-1526535ESD Container Box /Anti-static bin

Product Details

LN-1526535esd container box /Anti-static bin

  • EAD circulation bin packaging box for storage container
  • ESD bins MFG bins ESD safe bin with logo print
  • Anti-static ESD tray Conductive bin box
  • ESD Plastic Bin For Electronic Packaging
  • esd container box /Anti-static bin
  • Box Manufacturer,ESD Circulatingbox,Conductive plastic antistatic ESD Box
  • ESD Protection Circulation PCB IndustrialBox With Cover
  • ESD Tote Box
  • plastic box for dates packaging esdcomponent box
  • Custom dimension injection molding black conductive ESD plastic box
  • Conductive Plastic Container/ESD Plastic Packing Box
  • Antistatic Eco-Friendly Component plastic esd circulation bin
  • ESD PP Box pcb Container For Conductive Plain Top Container For Storage Used
  • Plastic ESD antistatic turnover boxes for electronic components
  • Multi-function esd plastic storage bin and box
Product Description       

型号 外径 内径 型号 外径 内径
Model (L×W×H) (L×W×H) Model (L×W×H) (L×W×H)
*LN-1526132 615x430x320 580x395x310 *LN-1524928 495x370x285 465x345x275
*LN-1526125 615x430x250 580x395x245 *LN-1524922 495x370x230 465x345x220
*LN-1526120 615x430x200 580x395x195 *LN-1524916 495x370x165 465x345x160
*LN-1526115 615x430x150 580x395x145 *LN-1524912 495x370x125 465x345x120
*LN-1526540 600x500x400 560x460x390 *LN-1524328 400x300x280 365x265x275
*LN-1526535 600x500x355 560x460x350 *LN-1524323 400x300x230 365x265x220
*LN-1526530 600x500x305 560x460x300 *LN-1524317 400x300x170 365x265x165
*LN-1526525 600x500x255 560x460x250 *LN-1524315 400x300x148 365x265x135
*LN-1526516 600x500x160 560x460x155 *LN-1524312 400x300x120 365x265x115
*LN-1526434 600x400x340 565x365x330  LN-1523215 300x200x148 265x165x135
*LN-1526428 600x400x280 565x365x270  LN-1523212 300x200x120 265x165x115
*LN-1526423 600x400x230 565x365x220 LN-1526941 690x485x410 650x450x400
*LN-1526417 600x400x170 565x365x160 LN-1527418 700x450x180 665x415x170
*LN-1526415 600x400x148 565x365x137 LN-1526544 650x440x350 610x400x340
*LN-1526412 600x400x120 565x365x110 LN-1526640 660x400x165 620x365x160
*LN-1525438 545x425x380 510x390x370 LN-1525426 540x415x260 500x380x250
*LN-1525430 545x425x305 510x390x300 LN-1522107 480x350x175 440x320x165
*LN-1525424 545x425x240 510x390x230 LN-1524215 420x310x150 380x280x145
*LN-1525415 545x425x150 510x390x145 LN-1523613 360x270x135 320x240x125
型号 外径 内径 型号 外径 内径
Model (L×W×H) (L×W×H) Model (L×W×H) (L×W×H)
LN-1525030 500x310x300 465x270x290 LN-1524822 480x355x220 445x318x210
LN-1522150 510*345*185 464*300*175 LN-1524832 480x355x320 445x318x310
LN-1522132 720x560x380 680x515x370 LN-1522136 560x430x145 515x350x140
*LN-1522127 580x368x200 535x345x195 LN-1522137 585x405x175 538x360x170
*LN-1522128 580x368x165 535x345x155 LN-1522138 530x370x205 490x330x200

Product Advantage 


1. Have exported for more than 10 years
2. Have professional engineer and efficient management
3. Delivery time is short, normally in stock
4. Small quantity is allowed.
5. The best & professional sale services, 24hours Response.
6. Our products have been exported to USA, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, India, Israel, UK, Australia, South Africa, etc. Win many big famous customer reputation.
7. Factory have ISO certificate, Product comply to Rohs standard.

Product Application 

√ Electronic component         √Electronic Packaging

Packaging Details:Packing according to customer's specified size


Q: Can you do OEM and customized design magazine rack?
A: Yes, we can.We have strong capacity to open mold and make customized magazine rack and rich experience on batch production as well.
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 5-7 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 10-15 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?
A: Yes, we could offer the samples, samples may be free or charged according to different product value.
and all samples shipping cost normally is by collect or as agreed.
Q: What kind of Incoterm you can do?
A: We could support to do Ex works, FOB ,CNF, CIF, CFR, DDU, DAP etc. and other incoterm as agreed.
Q: What method you can help ship the goods?
A: By sea, by air, or by express, by mail post according to customer order qty and volume.