Leenol Induction type Intelligent Rack for 7 inch material-SMD2S-A8

Electronic intelligent rack-Barcode Type


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Rack material: aluminum profile frame, anti-rust, anti-corrosion (with 304 stainless steel is the same food grade material, compared with stainless steel, no sharp corners, warping, to protect workers.) ; The baffle materials between storage locations are stainless steel wire and anti-static plastic baffle strips.

Rack structure: A8-type intelligent rack 8 layers double-sided, storage position width can't be adjustable, can store 1600pcs 7-inch standard SMT material; 

Electrical part: light strip components and photoinductive components are integrated design, the circuit board is not exposed, simple maintenance and replacement, easy to maintain and reduce maintenance costs. The light sensing component adopts the principle of measuring grating, which is stable and reliable, and can effectively avoid the interference caused by transparent plate, tail plate material and plate cavity. One controller can be connected to 4 sets of material racks, and the cost of wiring and networking is reduced by 70%. Wireless controller and voice music alarm light and other functional options are available.


Model SMD2S-A8
Voltage DC24V
Working flow

100 indicators indicating the warehouse location ≤500mA@DC24V

Maximum total current of seven colors ≤8200mA@DC24V

IB Communication bus 38.4K baud rate, maximum transmission distance of 200 meters
Electric protection Over current, over voltage protection, reverse protection
Max indicate position 100 
Response time within 30ms
Working environment

Temperature: -20℃ to + 50 ℃(-4℉ to +122℉)

Humidness:90% at 55℃

Different type can be choose: