Leenol Offline Double-position Curve Board-splitting Machine-LN-3502T

SMT Intelligent Trolley


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I. Product features:
  1. Two moving platforms are used to process objects,reducing waiting time, improving productivity;
  2. Dual Y axis, servo motor+ precise screw rod, more stable and secure than air cylinder;
  3. High-pixel CCD enlarging lens and flying camera structure (flying photographing available) configured, with auxiliary program demonstration and editing function, making precision higher and more accurate, and clear image;
  4. With the machine vision function of finding Mark point automatically, with high board-splitting precision.
  5. High-precision, high-efficiency, high-quality.
  6. MES or ERP connection port (Optional configuration), realizing real-time connection with central data bank.
  7. Breaking detection function configured. After breaking, equipment sends an alarm, and the spindle will automatically stop operation and splitting.
  8. Configuration upgrade: KAVO high-speed spindle imported from Germany, less stress, higher precision;
  9. Configuration upgrade: Use 5HP high power up/down vacuum cleaner, more suction, better dust removal effect;
  10. Independent research and development of products, equipment stable and reliable, cost-effective;
  11. Provide special fixture design, higher cutting accuracy;
  12. Service upgrade: Provide CPK test, stress test, dust test report;
  13. Smaller size: small footprint, more convenient operation


. Product details:


German KAVO high speed spindle
KAVO high-speed spindle imported from Germany, 60000rpm super speed, large torque, high power, less stress, smooth edge, higher precision, with automatic detection of broken tool function, Z-axis with automatic compensation setting, can automatically adjust the depth of the milling cutter. 
Dual-servo platform
Servo is used to drive two working platform to process and place pcb base plate alternately in order to reduce the waiting time, increase productivity and solve the precision problem of cylinder-type driving platform.
Visual system
High-pixel color CCD and big multiple-ratio lens, auxiliary program demonstration and editing simulation function. Automatic MARK positioning supplement and correction system improves cutting precision and prevents boards from cutting base plate by mistake, making copying of right and left programs and change of machine type more efficient. Flying photographing camera structure design adopted. Left and right platform can segment different products. Meanwhile, processing is feasible under the circumstance of different heights of tools. Also, barcode-reading function can be chosen to save or upload 1D/2D barcode, convenient for traceability and digital management. 

Dust-absorptio method
Using 5HP high power independent external vacuum cleaner (upper/lower vacuum optional), greater suction, better dust removal effect, the sixth generation design makes the overall effect of the equipment beautiful and simple space; 5HP high power vacuum motor, frequent start and stop state is not easy to burn machine, equipment sealing is good, low noise, dust bag replacement is convenient, can also be cleaned and reused, reduce production costs.