Leenol Offline X Ray Counter-LX1000

SMT Intelligent Trolley


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Application Advantage:

  • Referring ergonomic design, sitting operation, monitor and eyes height is equal, protect the cervical spine and fatigue.
  • Automatic drawer in and out, easy to take materials, grating automatic induction, torque control, anti pinch.
  • Error-proof function for labeling, automatic recognize each reel by induction function, take any reel the printer will print the corresponding label.
  • Docking with MES  ERP / WMS system, exchange date in real-time counting result uploading automatically.
  • Small space required and equipped with casters, easy for relocation.

X-Ray Tube Parameters:

X-Ray Source Reflection sealed micro focus X-Ray tube
Voltage Range 20-80KV
Current Range 200-700 uA
Max Output Power 56 W
Focal Spot Size 30~40 um

Flat Panel Detector Parameters:

Flat Panel Detector Type Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Detector
Pixel Matrix 3072x3072
Field of View 427mmx427mm
Resolution 3.6Lp/mm
Frame Rate ( 1x1) 6fps
AD Conversion Bit 16bits

Equipment Performance Parameters:

Reel Size 7”-15”Tape Reel
Reel Height <85mm
Min Componement 01005
System Docking MES/ERPWMS
Labele Printing TSC Industrial Printer
Input Power 220V 10A/110V 15A 50-60HZ
Control System Industrial computer WIN7 (WIN10 optional)64 bit

Application Cases: