Anti-static ESD Black EVA foam for packing

Anti-static ESD Black EVA foam


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Anti-static EVA foam is based on the principle of EVA foam, adding corresponding ingredients to make it have anti-static function, and achieve the role of matching with electronic and electrical products.

This anti-static EVA foam is a new type of environmentally friendly foam material, which not only has a certain effect in anti-static, but also is a good cushioning, shock-resistant and heat-insulating material.

Items Technical Data
Conductive Antistatic
Model LN-1507032A LN-1507032B
Color Black Black
Density 80-100kg/m3
Volume Resistivity 10e3-10e6 ohm 10e6-10e9 ohm

1. Customizable size and thickness

2. Can be made into trays of different shapes.


Feature 1 Excellent shockproof and cushioning

To measure the quality of a packaging material should start from its shock resistance, because the product has to go through storage, transportation, handling and other links after packaging. And in these links, the product is very vulnerable to the impact of external force, which will cause damage to the product! Anti-static eva foam packaging is a high elastic material with excellent cushioning and shock absorption properties, which can ensure that the product is in good condition.

Feature 2 Permanent anti-static

Among many anti-static foam packaging products, only eva and ixpe are permanent anti-static. Its antistatic properties are not affected by temperature and humidity. The resistance value of its surface is 10E3-10E9, and the electrical conductivity is excellent. At present, many electronic factories choose this product when selecting anti-static eva trays.

Feature 3 V0 level flame retardant

We all know that foam is a flammable product, but anti-static eva foam is a flame retardant product. Its flame retardant level has been tested by relevant institutions, and its flame retardant level is V0. After the sample was subjected to two 10-second burning tests, the flame was extinguished within 30 seconds, and no burning material fell.

Feature 4 Environmentally friendly materials

Many of the previous packaging products are polluting, which easily pollutes the environment. The eva foam packaging is a new type of environmentally friendly material, which has the characteristics of biodegradation to ensure that it will not pollute the environment.