ESD 3mm Blue Rubber Floor Mat

ESD floor Mat

ESD 3mm Blue Rubber Floor Mat


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ESD 3mm Blue Rubber Table/Floor Mat

ESD Floor Mat Model: LN-1550098

ESD Floor Mat Thickness: 3mm

ESD Floor Mat Size: 1*10m

ESD Floor Mat Color: blue, etc

ESD Floor Mat Material: rubber and foam


ESD Green Rubber Table Mat Scope of application:

Production workshops and advanced laboratories in the microelectronics industry such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits. It is mainly used for paving desktops, assembly line work surfaces, shelves and making floor mats, etc., and is suitable for different conditions and needs of different environments.

ESD Green Rubber Table Mat Features:

Anti-static table mats are mainly made of anti-static materials and static-dissipative materials such as synthetic rubber. The surface layer is a dissipative static layer about 0.5mm thick and the bottom layer is a conductive layer about 1.5mm thick. Commonly used for 2mm double-layer composite structure.

The table mat can be used for a long time, has good anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-chemical flux characteristics, and is wear-resistant and easy to clean. The conductive floor mat is made of high-quality conductive material, synthetic rubber, etc.

ESD Green Rubber Table Mat Features:

Release the static electricity of the human body, so that the human body and the ESD tweezers, tools, utensils, instruments, etc. on the table can reach a uniform potential, so that the electrostatic sensitive device (SSD) is not disturbed by the electrostatic discharge phenomenon, so as to achieve the effect of electrostatic protection, effectively buffer, avoid the device damaged. This product does not contain S, Hg, NH3+, Pb and other harmful substances. Softness: Soft, resilient, and tough. Whether the product is used in the cold north or in the warm south, it can maintain its softness and flatness, (when it is laid on the ground, the countertop is very flat and will not warp at all corners).