ESD Conductive plastic interlocking pvc flooring tiles

ESD PVC Plastic Interlock floor tile


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The anti-static floor, also known as dissipative electrostatic floor, is a kind of floor. When it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, it enables the charge to dissipate, characterized by a resistance between the 5th power of 10 and the 9th power of 10 ohms. Section 8.3.1 on page 20 of GB50174-2008 Code for Design of Electronic Information System Room stipulates that the surface resistance or volume resistance of anti-static floor or ground shall be 2.5 × 104~1.0 × 109Ω。

Permanent conductive floor mat information:

  • Product name: Permanent conductive floor mat
  • Conductivity time limit: permanent
  • Material: PVC conductive material
  • Size: 498 * 498 * 6.5mm
  • Thickness: 6.5mm
  • Color: dark grey, green, white, yellow, black
  • Certificate: SGS fire protection/environmental protection certificate
  • Weight: 1620g+- 20/pcs
  • Package: 10 pieces/box
  • Minimum order quantity: 1000 pieces