ESD tables Lab Anti-static Workbench

ESD Workbench/Anti-static Work Table

ESD Workbench/Anti-static Work Table


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ESD Workbench/Anti-static Work Table

Antistatic Systems Engineering:

  • Antistatic system must have independent and stable grounding system,grounding resistance should be less than 10 ohm.
  • The ground of antistatic working area should lay esd or conductive tileor conductive rubber floor mat.
  • Antistatic working area should mark label,hanging warning logo inobvious place.
  • The antistatic workbench could discharge the static with esd groundingsocket and match with antistatic chair.

No. Product Name Spec Unit QTY
1 Adjustable table support 1500×750mm
bear loading: 150kg.
adjustable range: 670-1120mm
2 Imported double-sided anti-static table 1530×750×25mm, grey color pcs
3 Anti-static pole bracket combination with punching holes 750×1100mm double-sided with punching holes    pcs
4 Perforated back panel  M750×390mm pcs
5 Antistatic steel shelf+bracket M750×300mm pcs
6 Antistatic steel hanger
  pcs 2
7 LED Light+bracket 2*36W set 1
8 Double layer drawer 350*450*250mm pcs 1
9 Anti-static keyboard stand   pcs 1
10 Power cord box M750, USA/UK/EU standard set 2