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LDPE purification bag

  1. Product raw materials: LDPE(low density polyethylene), Low Density Polyethylene;
  2. Product Description: The film adopts extrusion and blow molding film, showing a slightly white transparent body, soft, non-toxic, tasteless. It has good water resistance, moisture resistance, cold resistance, low temperature resistance, low permeability and chemical stability. The film has good thermal adhesion and low temperature thermal sealing. This product does not contain silicone oil, amide, can be made according to customer requirements, different thickness, different size, different color;
  3. Product cleanliness: Class100, Class1000;
  4. Implementation standard: IEST-STD1246, MIL-STD-CC-1246D;
  5. Product size range: width 70 ~ 1500mm; Thickness 0.02 ~ 0.3mm;
  6. General industry: semiconductor parts, semiconductor cleaning, precision ceramics, quartz products;
  7. Test range: LPC, IC, ICP, Outgassing, silicone oil and Rohs; 8. Clean room implementation standard: ISO 14644-1:215 (E);