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Antistatic compartmented element box

  • A large number of electronic components and products in the production process of storage and transportation.
  • It can effectively release the electrostatic charge accumulated on the surface of the object, so that it does not produce charge accumulation and high potential difference;
  • It has many advantages, such as tough wear-resisting, moisture-proof and anticorrosive, heat insulation and shock-proof, economic and durable.
  • Can greatly reduce the damage rate of electronic components in the production process, reduce costs, improve product quality and profit;

Specification of antistatic compartmented element box:

  • Material: Plastic;
  • Main purpose: eliminate static electricity
  • Resistance: 10e3 ohm-10e9 ohm
  • Advantages: Free extraction partition, lattice size can be adjusted

Antistatic compartmented element box size can be choose: 

Name Outside Size Inner size Type
No.8 400*117*90mm 360*92*80mm 8 grids can be divider
No.9 400*235*90mm 360*210*80mm 8 grids can be divider
No.10 500*235*140mm   10 grids can be divider
No.11 600*235*140mm   12 grids can be divider