Leenol flexpipe lean pipe and joint for DIY table

lean pipe system


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Lean tube, also known as composite pipe, or flexible pipe, is a welded steel pipe with a plastic resin coating after surface treatment of a high-quality steel pipe. The outer surface is made of a plastic layer of PE / ABS / ESD and the inner surface is coated with a coating to make.

Name Model Spec Weight Material Length
Lean pipe H2808-X dia 28*t0.8 530(g/m) SPCC+PE 4000mm
H2810-X dia 28*t1.0 630(g/m)
H2812-X dia 28*t1.2 750(g/m)
H2815-X dia 28*t1.5 930(g/m)
H2820-X dia 28*t2.0 1200(g/m)

Lean Pipe Introduction

  • There are various colors of wire rods, and customers can choose the color of wire rods according to their own needs.
  • Wire rod products can effectively solve the problem of capital investment.
  • Have a durable and flexible system.

Lean Pipe Features

  • The wire rod flexible system is easy to build, convenient and fast
  • The wire rod flexible system is flexible, with changeable forms and strong flexibility.
  • The product is environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Improve the working environment and improve work efficiency.
  • The structure is light and handy, easy to carry, and conforms to the principles of ergonomics.

Lean pipe workbench

The lean tube workbench is a workbench assembled by using lean tubes (plastic-coated tubes) with a diameter of 28mm and a wide variety of connectors, and installing table panels, power strips and other applications according to the needs of the job.

Lean pipe workbench superiority

  • Standard materials (lean pipes, joints and accessories) are designed and assembled with special station equipment and production systems, and the replacement of accessories is convenient and quick;
  • Lean tube workbench materials can be reused, saving production costs and supporting environmental protection;
  • Maximize the creativity of on-site employees and continuously improve on-site lean production management;
  • The workbench combined with lean tube workbench improves efficiency and reduces waste;
  • Retrofitting is easy, and structural functions can be expanded at any time
  • The surface layer of the lean tube is covered with plastic, which is not easy to damage the surface of the parts;
  • Simple to set up and flexible to apply;
  • Improve production efficiency, improve the overall quality of employees, and stimulate their potential.
  • According to the need to design and improve, in line with the principle of ergonomics.