ESD SMT PCB Magazine Rack 460*400*563mm

SMT ESD PCB Magazine Rack


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ESD SMT Magazine Rack Heat-resistant PCB Magazine Rack

ESD PCB Magazine Racks are designed for stacking/Storage of assembled PCB. We keep all the three popular sizes in stock. Both screw type and Gear type of magazines are available in stock.

  • Leenol ESD magazine rack smooth-width adjustable using our patente rack & pinion system.
  • ESD safe plastic card guides, 50 slots.
  • Heat-resistant card guides for board temperature up to 200°C.
  • compatible with all brands of equipment.
  • Leenol rack is ROHS compliance.
  • Suface resistance: 10e3-10e9 ohm
  • Contour Size: 460*400*563mm
  • 50 pcs of plated can be stored
  • The specification of PCB plates: 355*(50-250)mm
  • Guide slot of side plate: Depth 3mm, wide 5.5mm, pitch 10mm
  • top and bottom base is metal base.
  • Fix method: screw/gear track adjustable
  • Side plate: 5 pcs plates assembled
  • Weight: 8.0kg

C807 PCB magazine rack, Common type (80°C) and heat-resistance type(120°C, 200°C) are available.