Static elimination ball with explosion-proof sound and light type

Static elimination ball


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The technical parameter of static elimination ball:

  • Working power: high-performance built-in lithium battery
  • Sleep current: <1mA
  • Working current: <5mA
  • Operating temperature: -40℃-60℃
  • Response time: <1s
  • Ground resistance: ≤50 ohm
  • Explosion-proof grade: ExibIICT6 Gb
  • Withstand static voltage: +-20KV
  • Alarm mode: explosion-proof sound and light type

The advantage of static elimination ball:

  • Ultra-low power design, no need to replace the battery during normal use
  • Touch sensitive, no mechanical moving parts
  • Integral epoxy sealing, anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof
  • Explosion-proof touch ball, safe discharge of static electricity, no electric shock caused by human contact
  • Sound and light alarm (beep and traffic lights)
  • The grounding resistance is independently detected, and the grounding resistance is ≤55ohm to ensure reliable grounding.

Product standard configuration:

  • Pole material: 203 stainless steel
  • Pole diameter: 38mm dia
  • Pole wall thickness: 1.0m
  • Product height: 1m
  • Touch ball diameter: 90mm dia
  • Mounting flange wall thickness: 3.0mm
  • Ground cable length: 3m straight PU cable


Why use static elimination balls?

Static elimination ball, also known as electrostatic discharge instrument, electrostatic ball.

It is a human body electrostatic discharge product suitable for flammable, explosive and anti-static places. The main purpose of research and development of this product is: in flammable, explosive dangerous areas and anti-static places, using this product to release the accumulation of the human body itself The electrostatic charge is safely discharged, avoiding fire and explosion accidents caused by static electricity of the human body, electric shock to the human body and reducing the occurrence of static electricity damage to electronic components.

The working principle of static elimination ball:

The static elimination ball uses a passive circuit, which uses the static electricity on the human body to make the circuit work, and finally achieves the effect of eliminating static electricity. The characteristics of static elimination ball are: small size and light weight. No power supply required. Easy to install. It has the characteristics of no feeling when eliminating static electricity.

Features of static elimination ball:

The volume resistivity of the human body is generally ignored by us because it is invisible, but it is because of these hidden dangers that it has brought us great losses and injuries. Therefore, the static elimination ball is a new type of product developed by integrating the principles of electrostatic accumulation, electrostatic discharge, spark discharge, corona discharge brush shape, and discharge field emission discharge electrostatic discharge. It prevents the generation of static electricity and limits the static electricity that has been generated so that it does not reach a dangerous level. Secondly, the generated charge is leaked or drained as soon as possible, thereby eliminating the large accumulation of charge.